Life of a Renegade

by I Decline

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released April 25, 2013



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I Decline

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Track Name: Short of Breath
Running through a labyrinth
In the darkest corners of the mind
No joy, no pain, no anything

The sun doesn't shine
In the vacuum of time
Just loneliness, just emptiness
And how the road lines fade into the black of the night

Going nowhere
The sinking feeling
The void
Emptiness, It bears down on him
With the weight of

And I suppose he thinks
That his demons will relent
But the door is closing
and the picture is fading out

The emptiness is suffocating

Now a choice must be made
to sink or crawl out
of the hole he's trapped in
but the walls are closing

And so he takes a deep breath
puts away all regret
from the blood, tears, and sweat
comes the trembling first step

And as he's breaking out
He sees a hand that's reaching down
And as the sun begins to rise
He feels no passing of the time

"Son, you'll never learn, you'll never be on your own..."
"...but I don't feel alive, am I just wasting time?"
Track Name: Cursed
I've become just one
of many men to wander from the
path of righteousness
and have turned from holiness
just to see what the world has to offer me
and what I see
Is that this world
Is devoid, of anything, to fulfill what has been laid out for me
in the time before the earth was born
before the sun was set aflame

These constant thoughts run through my brain
"Why must I deal with so much pain?"
and then I see, I see that these grey skies, they won't be clearing for me

"Put on a happy face to keep demons at bay. Do they even know who the real you is?"


Dead inside. No hope in life. No Future
Cast aside and left to die
"I am the cursed shadow dweller"

The once soft heart has begun to return to

Track Name: To the Sons of Nothing
Looking back to the start of life
I see that nothing much has changed for us except for the time
Have we even made a step in a direction?
No, No, still just disconnecting ourselves
And I've been staring at the sun today
Praying for it all to be washed away
And as I stare into the burning flame I feel...

I feel the fire overtake me

What do you offer my world? Besides a heart full of lead
One day you all will be forgotten

And I won't be turned into a pawn of yours
And I won't succumb to the faithless one
Deceit and lies are his mistresses
Power and lust are his children now

No judge, no jury...guilty as charged
Your time is soon going to end

Faithless all the earth
Track Name: Walking Double Standard
If you don't believe that's fine with me
but there's no need to look for suffering
I know the world's not perfect, but I still think it's worth it
to try and give forgiveness to the undeserving

Faceless is the hatred that consumes your mind
Let it slowly grind away, until you don't recognize your face
When everyone's left you you'll find....

That there's nothing left, but the fear, the hate, the rage, the spite

Though you may say that you stand on your own
There's so many like you
And every time that you lie to my face
I will watch as you fall back down
Further down....

Fall back down

No matter what you want to say

There is nothing that will make me ever be the way you are
You are nothing but a parasite. You are nothing but a leach on this world